In 1502 during his final voyage Christopher Columbus discovered Panama; a land with untouched treasures, rich with lush rainforests, separated by the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, connecting North and South America. One of the greatest natural attributes of this bio diverse country is the mountainous region of Cerro Azul, home to pristine waterfalls and the purest of spring waters. It was there where Columbus and his men filled barrels of this precious resource that they took back for their voyage to Spain that Panama Blue originates from.


For over 10 years Panama Blue has delivered premium bottled spring water nationwide, establishing itself as the leading brand for fine restaurants, hotels and resorts. Currently the company is undergoing a major expansion process, actively seeking export opportunities in foreign markets. The attractive bottle design and impeccable quality, which is reflected in the smooth taste, make up this unique product.

Panama Blue Spring Water is located in the heart of the secluded mountains of Cerro Azul, deep in the pristine rainforest that is protected by the Chagres national park. The water is extracted from a natural aquifer, which is protected by a bed of rocks, where it gathers natural minerals that make up its pure composition. It is then bottled at the source to avoid all outside influences. Our water never comes into contact with any inorganic substances and is untouched until the consumer opens the bottle.

In order to maintain this exceptional quality the water is tested several times a day at our bottling plant laboratory and is frequently sent to world-renowned laboratories in the United States and Germany. It is no coincidence that Panama Blue has received astounding test results that give the lightly mineralized water its smooth taste.

Panama Blue has won numerous awards for its attractive bottle design, including the Worldwide Award for innovative bottle design at an International mineral water competition in Wiesbaden, Germany. Making Panama Blue a healthy lifestyle and eye-catching product.


Panama Springs, the company that owns the Panama Blue brand, is in the process of building a new bottling facility to accommodate for the growing demand. The new facility will be located in the heart of a 250 hectare acquired land, in the heart of the pristine Panamanian rainforest. With an abundant rainfall in the area so that Panama Blue can increase its production that is needed in order to enter into international markets.

Our main objections are:

• Ensure that the bottled water production process is carried on as efficiently and sustainably as we have been doing to provide our customers with the best quality.

• Maintain strict quality controls based on International standards; our company is the only company in the region that is International standard organization (ISO) certified. Panama Blue has both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, ensuring a reliable premium product.

Provide an environment of security, stability and ongoing training programs for our valued employees to help ensure the safety of our personnel and the environment.

• To offer more bottle sizes, sparkling and flavored options, as well as private labeling.


The new-look Water Innovation Awards recognizes excellence and creativity on a unique global platform for the packaged water industry. Among the product categories, are the best new bottle in PET, glass, label and packaging innovation. Panama Blue won the gold medal in 2008 for its innovative bottle design, receiving international attention as the first of its kind from the Latin continent.

A locally renowned artist who was inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding Panama Blues production facility designed the artwork of the bottle. The flower on the front label is called “Pico de Loro” which is a common flower within the area of the source that only grows when it finds pure ground water. The font that is used for the logo dates back to 1855, the founding year of the Panama railroad company that helped build the Panama Canal. The front label is made of ultra-transparent material, so you can see directly through the bottle to enjoy the clarity and the tropical background, depicting our natural water spring. The word Panama in the logo refers to the water's origin country, while the Blue refers to the mountainous region of Cerro Azul, which can be translated as the Blue Hills.


Panama Blue's source lies in the mountains region of Cerro Azul, tucked away from civilization, surrounded by rainforest of the Chagres National Park. The spring is located 800 meters above sea level. The annual precipitation in the mountainous areas of Panama can reach up to 3000mm. The rain is collected in a natural aquifer, which is then extracted from the sub-soil and mineralized in a natural process through surrounding bedrock. Because of Panamas rich ecosystem and non-industrialized economy, there is there is no water or air pollution making Panama Blue one of the purest waters in the world.


Panama Springs is a premium water bottling company, with its production plant located in Altos de Pacora, Cerro Azul, Panama. The bottling facility has been in operation since 2006. In 2013 Panama Springs was acquired by Two Oceans Group, which have then managed to double its production. While still using the same bottling facility, the finished product is now stored, administered and dispatched in a new logistic center in Panama City.

The new production facility will be fully automated with the newest technology and machinery imported from the United States. This is so Panama Blue can meet the ever-growing international demand for premium quality water.

Panama Blue Spring water is currently available in four different sizes and six different presentation styles. There are two different packaging options available, which include cases or thermo plastic wrap.


Panama Blue has the home advantage of being in close proximity of the Panama Canal, which allows for fast delivery process and ensures that our clients will receive there order in a short period of time. Nationally we work closely together with the largest food and beverage distributor in the region, EPA (Empresa Panameńa de Alimientos) and are currently in the process of developing a worldwide distribution network.


Panama Blue spring water goes through a natural cleaning process while being stored in the volcanic rock bed that gets filtered through a natural aquifer. The water never touches any inorganic substances, which give it its unique pure taste. Our company and product process are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified which means Panama Blue adheres to a very strict procedure when it comes to product quality testing. To find out more about our water quality and testing results click on the link below.

Water quality report

Benefits of hydratation

Water makes up the majority of the human body. It is the main component in our cells and brains, transporting nutrients around the body and removing waste substances. Experts recommend consuming 2-3 liters of water a day in order to keep your body in balance. There are infinite amount of benefits to staying hydrated, below is a list of just a view of the reasons as to why it is vital to drink water.

• Helps eliminate toxins and other metabolic wastes from the body.

• It is an excellent diuretic.

•Helps keep your skin hydrated

• Improves mental and psychical performance.

• Regulates body temperature.

• Accelerates brain functions.

• Transports nutrients, glucose, oxygen and enzymes to the cells.

• Increases energy levels.


The bottle design represents the exotic origin of Panama Blue. We are one of three companies in Panama that are proud to use the country name in our brand. A locally renowned artist created the rainforest design of the bottle, which was inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding Panama Blues production facility.

Panama Blue uses the highest quality PET that have under gone extensive product development by a design team in the United States. The bottle gives the illusion of being a glass bottle, only with closer look the customer realize it is a PET bottle. Through its premium quality the bottle has a light weight and a high resistance to breaking.

Natrual spring water is essential for the kidney, as your kidneys filter and purify your blood. Staying hydrated will help your kidneys function properly, regulating your blood pressure, balancing electrolytes and eliminating toxins. Since all kidney functions involve filtering blood through tiny tubes, drinking adequate water and keeping your body hydrated makes filtering easier. Water provides hydration so that our brain cells can receive oxygenated blood. Drinking water and brain function are integrally linked.Lack of water to the brain can cause numerous symptoms including problems with focus, memory, headaches etc. When your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity. Natural spring water helps keep our hearts in good condition and regulates our blood pressure. Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles, which makes the muscles work efficiently. Natural spring water is one of the essential elements for a healthy digestive system. Adequate hydration gives your digestive system the moisture it needs to properly function and absorb nutrients.  Sometimes our bodies mistake hunger for thirst, so staying hydrated prevents unnecessary overeating.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is committed to promoting sustainable practices that will help ensure that citizens continue to enjoy the benefits of clean and safe water. They work together with a broad group of stakeholders to help bring about more sustainable practices that will help conserve the environment.

Panama Blue participates in this initiative as we promote the role of water services with the Panama Blue Water Foundation that strives to ensure that everyone in our community has access to safe drinking water. We believe that sustainability is the key to protect the environment and our precious resources. Our foundation focuses on educating the community on the importance of green living by offering recycling workshops for children to create environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Panama Blue’s water spring lies within the heart of the protected Chagres national park. A beautiful rainforest reserve with diverse flora and fauna, which includes hundreds of different bird species and is home to close to extinct animals such as the jaguar and harpy eagle. We believe that as a socially responsible company we need to act to protect this unique biodiversity, which is why through new technology we are reducing our carbon footprint and introducing environmentally friendly packaging options.

Panama Blue is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. It is the only company in the region that has both ISO certifications. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of representatives from each nations standard organization. They aim to develop international standards that facilitate international trade. ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems, includes an analysis of the vocabulary, requirements, quality system and design, manufacture, inspection, installation, sales, after sales service, and guidelines for performance improvement of any product. ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems for Organizations, controls and measures environmental principles, environmental labeling, the life cycle of the product, programs of environmental review, and audits.
Our extraction of the water is different to conventional processes. We take the water from a natural aquifer, filter and bottle it right at the source. This makes sure that the water is untouched by outside influences until the consumer opens the cap. Panama Blue water has no added minerals which gives it a uniquely smooth taste.
Panama Blue is tested in our regional laboratory on a daily basis. In addition the water is sent to renowned laboratories in the United States and Germany that make sure Panama Blue maintains its exceptional quality. One of these laboratories is the renowned public health and safety organization NSF, where our water has maintained high FDA approved quality standards.
Panama Blue´s source lies in the mountains region of Cerro Azul, directly in the heart of the Chagres National Park in the Panamanian rainforest. The spring is located about 800m above sea level.
Panama Blue water has a pH level of 7, which means it is a pure water that is neither acidic nor alkaline.
Yes! Panama Blue is 100% BPA-free. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins that is found in certain PET bottles. Panama Blue only uses the highest quality of virgin PET.
Yes it is. The FDA has certified Panama Blue water with a “not detected” (ND) while testing it for nitrate. This means that using the standard regulations for the testing process the compound nitrate cannot be found.
Panama Blue water uses the standard “best by” date for all water that is sold that is two years. The “best by” date can be found beneath the label on the back of the bottle. The FDA does not require an expiration date.